10. 8. 2012

Behind the track: Natalia Prekopova "I work hard for the Olympic dream"

Biathlon is her life...
what else to say to this statement. Well, OK. This time without any additional words.
Just enjoy the exclusive interview with Junior WCH bronze medalist and Universiade champion from Trentino 2013 Natalia Prekopova.

Cross-country skiing and biathlon is part of your life since your childhood. Have you ever been thinking of doing totally different sport?
     "I have been practicing cross-country skiing with my brother since I was a child, then I tried biathlon and from that moment I didn't want to do anything else. I love biathlon most." 

Ok. Try to imagine the situation, you have the unique opportunity to be one of those athletes who participated not only in Winter Games but also in Summer Olympics. What event would you like to compete in? 
     "If I had a possibility to compete in Summer Olympic Games, it would be in tennis. Of course if I could play it better. I love playing tennis and i like to watch it on TV."

Are there any other sports you like to watch on TV besides tennis?
     "Almost all winter sport but also cycling, athletics and World hockey Championship. And of course I tried to watch most of Olympic Games in London.

How did you enjoy your first Olympic Games in Vancouver?
     "I will never forget my first olympics. I have beautiful memories, it was tremendous experience and probably the most beautiful month in my life."

Natalia with her teammate and friend Jana Gerekova in Whistler Olympic park

Are you looking forward to Sochi?
     "Of course, I would like to compete there, Olympic Games are the dream of every athlete, but I must work hard for this dream."

What about your chance to participate in individual races?
     "Well, let's see. Anyhow I will do everything for it."

If you could form your own relay team, who would you choose?
     "I don't have any dream team, but I would like to be successful with our national's relay. It doesn't matter which slovak biathlete will participate in, we are all good athletes and also very good friends."

Natalia as a part of bronze mix relay in Summer European Championships Osrblie 2010

But surely you have a biathlon idol.
     "Phenomenal Ole Einar Bjoerndalen. He is the biathlon king for me!"

Let's talk about favorites. When you have an opportunity to cook something yourself, what is it?
     "My favorite food is "šúľance s makom" (slovak food - something like potato pasta rolls with poppy seed). I could eat it every day."

What about music? What kind of music make your days better?
     "No specific genre. I listen to music according to my mood. Often I mix my own playlist which contains from almost everything - dance, hip-hop, dub step, slovak hits and also oldies."

How do you celebrate your successes? Do you remember the celebration your bronze medal from Junior World Championships in Ruhpolding 2008? 
     "Successes must be celebrated! I like celebrations with my friends most, with good music, good food and drinks....Of course, the celebration in Ruhpolding can't be forgotten, we enjoyed perfect biathlon party and then I was very surprised and pleased how my family welcomed me home in Krivoklát."

Is Krivoklát the place where fans can meet you most often when you relaxing?
     "During the year we travel a lot for training camps, most often abroad, I spend much time in Banská Bystrica racing for VŠC Dukla club. But if I want to relax, yes, I do it in my silent birth-village Krivoklát." 

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