30. 9. 2012

Behind the track: Ekaterina Yurlova “My life is my inspiration”

She is the richest biathlete…
Really! Forget the money, mind the creativity! Inspirations, ideas, experiences… Some might say she is the most creative from all biathletes. Or do you know any other biathlete with published book of poems?
Meet very nice member of the Russian biathlon team in our talk. Katja Yurlova. Exclusively for Biathlonum.

Let´s start talking about the new season. What are your expectations?
     "I think my expectations like every athlete is to show good results in the whole season and to have good shape and luck at the World Championship in Nove Mesto na Morave."

And your main goal?
     "The medal at the World Championship. Because it is a very big step and important thing before the Olympic Games."

Are you satisfied with your preparation and training camp?
     "I can't say that I am 100% satisfied with my preparation in summer. But it´s hard work and I think that it's the requirement for good results in winter."

Katja and the World Cup winner 2010/2011 Kaisa Mäkäräinen in Oslo Holmenkollen

Can you make the prediction who, in your opinion, will win the world cup?
     "I think it will be Darya Domracheva."

And among men?
     "There are more candidates: Martin Fourcade, Emil Svendsen,Tarje Bo, Arnd Pfeifer ,Andi Birnbacher, Jakov Fak, Anton Shipulin or somebody else..."

You do something that no other biathlete – you write poems. Where do you get the inspiration?
     "Writing poems is a hobby for me. I do it for the soul and all the inspiration is my life."

Do you write also about biathlon or about any other sports?
     "I write about everything what happens in my everyday life.  It's about my friends, my feelings, my emotions, my work and interesting places."

Is your poetry only in Russian or in other language?
     "Now I have the book only in Russian language but in the future I want to translate some of them to English. But I must improve my English first…"

You wrote the book of poems “Waiting for the spring” – does it mean you like more spring/summer than winter?
     "No, it doesn't mean that I like spring more than summer, autumn or winter.It means that spring is a very important time in my life because I come back to my family and friends and I have possibility to stay home for a long time."

What about life motto – maybe poem that you follow in your life…
     "I think that my main life motto is my family and best friends. They make me happy and give me more power for my work."

Do you have any nicknames among your friends?
     "No, I have no special nicknames among my friends. Just Katja or Katrin."

Katja with her teammates Marina Korovina and Olga Zaitseva (training camp in Toblach)

I heard you cook rarely, but when you cook yourself, what is it?
     "Actually, I like to cook but I have no time for it. I like to cook fish and chicken and to make tasty desserts."

What else besides writing poems and cooking do you like to do?
     "I like to travel a lot to the places and countries I have never been before. It's great to discover new places and to see different cultures."

Is there any place on earth you dream to visit – maybe to get some inspiration or to live in?
     "Yes, my dream is to travel around the world and after that to write a book about my adventures."

Katja´s big love is discovering different cultures

Surely to write it home in St. Petersburg. Can you describe your hometown in 3 words?

Sounds good...
     "It is true! Especially "white nights". It is a very beautiful time in June when there is no sunset for 24 hours."

There are 2 years until Olympic Games in Sochi – in your country. What does it mean to you?
     "I'm glad that Olympic Games will be in Russia. I think that it will be grandiose event."

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