30. 7. 2012

Behind the track: Anastasiya Duborezova "Our team is a big family"

27 years old... Vitebsk... Belarus..
3 signs - one perfect and nice biathlete. I´m sure I´m not the only fan who knows. 
This is for every supporter of her and of all belarusian biathletes. 
Go...go...go...10 simple questions, 10 fast answers.
Enjoy the sprint interview. Meet Anastasiya Duborezova.

Are you satisfied with your last season?
     "Yes, I'm glad that I achieved some good results."

January, the sprint in Nove Mesto na Morave. You were the best from your team. How did you celebrate this perfect result?
     "We are like a big family.  We celebrate all our successes after the season."

If you could form your own relay team, who would you choose?
     "I like our team very much and can´t imagine to race with another."

Anastasiya with her team

When you hear „Sochi 2014“, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
     "A big celebration... Olympics... I think it will be unforgettable."

Can you imagine you are competing in some shooting discipline in Summer Olympic Games?
     "No, I am not very good shooter."

How do your relax days look like?
     "I love riding a horse and practicing yoga."

Is there any place on earth you dream to visit?
     "London and Tibet."

What about watching sports on TV? 
     "I like watching for example Tour de France and now the Olympic Games."

Favorite food or drink?
     "I have a little weakness for Cоса-Cola."

What do you like more, sea or mountains?
     "I love the mountains."

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