19. 6. 2012

Behind the track: Victoria Padial Hernandez "I dream about more support to participate in Sochi 2014"

The hero... The idol...
How could we entitle this strong woman from Granada, Spain for her passion for biathlon racing? Imagine the situation that you represent you country, but you must everything pay out of your own pocket. Everything! Skis, clothes, waxes, bullets, hotels... Just as she does.
It sounds strange, doesn't it? Unfortunately so is the situation in the Spanish Winter Sport Federation. So discriminatory.
She can rely only on her own supporters and donators - especially her family, sponsors and also on you as fans. However, she participated even in World Championships and Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010.
Meet the young talented Andalusian biathlete Victoria Padial Hernandez in the exclusive interview.

Simple question from the start. Why did you choose biathlon?
     "I was practicing cross country skiing since I was 7 years old and after 3 years in the national team I became bored and unmotivated with this sport. In 2008
I heard about the venue of a French Biathlon Trainer and he propose me an interesting project including the possibility to follow my Sport Science Studies. This was the beginning of my new challenge connected with the fact of my zero level in shooting.  But you know… nothing is impossible." 

Do you have any biathlon idol?
     "I admire all women with a rifle on the back." 

And especially?
     "Especially I like the fight spirit of Magdalena Neuner, the accuracy of Marie-Laure Brunet, the speed shooting of Tora Berger, the humility of Anastasia Kuzmina. But each biathlete has one or more interesting quality."

What is your favorite IBU World Cup, IBU Cup or World Championships place?
     "My favorite IBU World Cup place is Oberhof in Germany where you can feel the fervor of all spectators around the tracks and particularly in the stadium." 

From all the races you took part in, which do you consider as the best?
      "In the sprint of Ruhpolding's World Championship 2012 I had good feeling and fast shooting but it wasn´t enough to participate in the pursuit, missing only 12 seconds! I know I am young and with patience and hard work I can do it."

How did you enjoy Olympic Games in Vancouver?
     "When you know just one week before the beginning of the event that you will participate in your first Olympic Games (OG) you can´t enter psychologically in this event and you have strange sensation of being out. I hope at World Championships in Nove Mesto na Morave I will confirm my 30th place in the nation ranking and I will enjoy differently my second Olympic Games in Sochi."

You train very hard for the season. Where do you feel best?
     "My favorite place for training is in the French Alpes and particularly in the Vercors where you can find 4 biathlon stadiums in very short distance with exceptional landscape."

And when you need to relax, where we can find you the most?
     "I like to take relax days in my birth town Granada."

Biathlete from Spain, it's an interesting combination. What do you like more, winter or summer? 
     "When you live in the south of Spain near Africa the summer is vital, you need sunny long days. But when you have 30 degrees at 9:00 AM you dream every second of a cold winter. Just for this reason I like both."

Your favorite food?
     "My grandmother´s “beans potage” and the popular Spanish vegetables refresh gazpacho."

Surely you must have a biathlon dream. Tell us, what it is?
     "Less discrimination in Spanish female sports and more support to participate in Sochi 2014."

Victoria with her mother and her trainer Alex in Ruhpolding

The next season will be very difficult for Victoria. You can support and help her to reach all the goals. She is looking for new sponsors and would very appreciate even small donation from you as fans. 
Please visit directly her donation page:

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