30. 3. 2015

TALK STORY: Paulína Fialková „Biathlon is my love of a lifetime“

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So far you deal with her three medals from Winter Universiade 2015, two Junior World Champion titles in Summer Biathlon. So she really deserves your attention. Look closer to the lines below.      
To not miss anything from her life we give you this exclusive content. 
Meet the Slovak girl giving smiles all around the world - Pauluš Fialková and her talk story. 

- My biathlon story began when I was eight, as a hyperactive child my parents made me choose between two sports – swimming and biathlon. I didn´t like swimming so I forcibly chose biathlon. And it became the love of a lifetime.

- I wanted to be all sorts of professions when I was a child. Most often I was talking about becoming an astronaut but I never thought about professional sport.

- I appreciate every medal, every success. Even the 10th place from the World Cup has the same value for me. There is something special I appreciate on every success from my races.

- At the Winter Universiade I didn´t feel pressure at all, I like to race at home, I like it there in Osrblie and the fans were cheering for me highly.

Having fun at the Olympics in Sochi - with teammates Terka Poliakova and Martina Chrapanova

- After the Universiade people concratulated me, but nothing has changed markedly among my rivals in the World Cup.

- We have new coach for the season and I take that fact as a positive change. In general I shot better than the previous season although some races were really horrible. The worse is that I didn´t finish in the top 10 as in the previous year.

- I like summer biathlon, I am good on roller skis, I even have a feeling I am better on roller skis than on snow. But I can´t imagine summer biathlon as a part of Summer Olympic Games. Biathlon is winter sport, the top is in winter, there can´t be two tops during the year. There must be also time for hard training.

- I couldn´t bear the media critics during and after Olympics in Sochi. I had cried but I could pass through it and I became resistant. I try to not read the critics, not to react to it. There were and always will be such people - the best coaches of all time that are sitting and philosophing on the sofa. But they didn´t know how they helped me, I became balanced thanks to them. Things I can´t influenced I become reconciled with and that´s it.

- My first Olympics were my best and my worst experiences in my life. And I don´t want to talk about it anymore.

- My relationship with my sister is great I think, especially thanks to the sport. I don´t know if I am an idol for her but she followed me from early years until joining the national team.

- I can imagine I could leave my country because of better funding and training conditions. I understand those people that did it or will do it. I love Slovakia but I hate the chaos system that we have here.

- The tracks in Kontiolahti I like most. Already at Junior Championships it was good for me to run there.

- One year ago before Kontiolahti it was almost end of my season but at last I travelled there. I was angry, maybe because of that I made my best result so far.

- Successes motivate. It is worse to find motivation inside of yourself when it is not going well. I don´t deal with motivation for training, I take it as my everyday work that I do fairly. People go to work even if it is raining, don´t they?

- I would like to travel a lot but not through countries I already travel to. For me perfect holidays are with sea, sun, beach and regular rest. No ultra activities.

- I can imagine being the face of a fashion brand but I don´t think they would ask me exactly with such offer.

- I can be headstrong. It could be bad and also good habit. Every day I go step by step forward to my aims and I don´t give up. What are my weaknesses? They say I can be pretty nasty when I have a bad day.

- When I have rest day I sleep long, in summer I have breakfast on the terrace, turn on radio, read the newspapers, drink coffee. I go to the city with my friends for shopping, cosmetics and to visit hairdresser. All these things I like just like every woman. Then at the evening for example I like to have barbecue with glass of wine, to watch a film (without ads) and the next day I am ready to train feeling rested.

- My biggest fans are my family and my good friends, classically. I cheer for all Slovak athletes that takes it seriously. I cheer for everybody even the haters.

- I try to avoid the question about my dreams for several years. Of course my dreams are connected with sport but It is my secret. Otherwise I want to be fine in my life, to find what I look for and to be smiled, humble and satisfied with myself. 

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