2. 2. 2015

TALK STORY: Federica Sanfilippo “I am living the big dream of my life”

The podium girl...
The podium really fits her. She had the privilege to stand there twice in December, both in Obertilliach after IBU Cup sprint races. Well, Italy rocks this season! I hope for more podiums for her, for more true big smiles. Be prepared for that and get to know something more personal.
This is exclusive story talk with Federica Sanfillipo we made for you. 

- I started with cross country skiing when I was 5 years old. But not for a long time, because there was a little shooting range near my house and I was always watching other kids shooting. I told my mother I want to try it too, so I began and I train until today. I think now I'm living the big dream of my life.

- When I was a child I wanted to be a helicopter pilot.

- My nicknames are Fedi, Fede, or Kikka.

- After the win and the second place in Obertilliach in December I had great feelings. I was so happy I made good job and I was able to see that hard work and believing in myself finally paid off.

Photo by Detlef Eckert

- I don't celebrate my successes. I think that I can celebrate in April when the season is over.

- I like Obertilliach in winter but especially in summer. My favourite biathlon venue is Antholz with its beautiful panorama.

- In general I'm satisfied with my season so far because in the beginning of the season I didn't know about my shape. I hadn´t been training for more than 1 month in June because of bike accident. I must also say that during the season I had a lot of up and downs.

- Family and friends who are waiting at home for me make me happy in my life.

- The crowd and cheering can sometimes influence my races. Especially when you are in the World Cup for the first time. In Oberhof it was so unbelievable for me to see all those people screaming and shouting. But at least I always try to be in my own bubble and concentrate on myself.

- Cross-country skier Therese Johaug from Norway is my idol. It's unbelievable in what rhythm she runs during a race but I admire also her strength and mental fighting that makes me watch her.

- I think my biggest supporter is my family but also my sport group of police team is one of my biggest supporters. I can practice this sport since 5 years now as a professional athlete with their help.

- Shopping is one of my weaknesses.

- When I'm not motivated for training I look for other people who would come to train with me and that helps a lot. My biggest motivation is my gladness to what I like and wanted to do.

- Of course my favourite food is Pizza. If I could I would like to eat Pizza every day but of course I cannot eat Pizza every day!! I like to cook meat and Pasta and normal food that doesn't need a lot of time.

- Sometimes I have "Italian mood" in my blood especially when I'm driving the car but what really makes me nervous is chaos and disorganization. But it doesn´t last for a long time because I can calm myself and smile then. 

 Federica loves to relax by the sea

- I think I have no other special talents. I don't know what I would be doing If I do not practice biathlon. Maybe something connected with sport. Maybe Sport professor or Physiotherapist.

-When my rifle and skis are taking rest I like to sleep long and doing some relaxing things such as going to the beautician or hairdresser.

- My favorite relaxing place is by the sea. There are a lot of dream places I would like to visit. For example Nepal, Caribbean islands and many others.

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