17. 1. 2014

Biathlon Buzz: "The secret of the new Rossignol skis"

The red...
Is the red color really the secret? Maybe. Who knows. Only few hours ago biathletes promoted new Rossignol skis -the red edition - and today amazing things had happened. Lukas Hofer and Simon Schempp racing with the new pair of Rossignols finished both first with the same race time. And there was another biathlete in the Top 5 with the new Rossingnol skis - Martin Fourcade.
Interesting, isn´t it? So what´s the secret? We can just guess. But one is for sure. First secret is: that skis are the winning ones. The new skis were prepared for the Olympic Games in Sochi, let´s hope we will see again fantastic race and great results there.  Let´s surprise ourselves. No matter what skis.

Luki Hofer and Simon Schempp promoting new equipment and skis...

...few hours later they finished both first in 10 km sprint in Antholz-Anterselva
Source: www.facebook.com/rossignol

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