6. 10. 2013

Behind the track: Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle “Biathlon is my biggest motivation”

…one of the best cross-country skiers in the world with many Olympic medals has a new challenge. A year ago she started to carry a rifle on her back and …she has fun. Fun with some good newcomers results. And it was fun to make this interview as well.
Enjoy another exclusive sprint talk now with very nice German biathlete Evi Stehle.

- In my hometown Reit im Winkl you grow up with skis, so I think  I was skiing for the first time when I was three years old.

- After the 2011 World Championships I took one summer recreation for my mind and my body. I started with training again just before the next Winter season and my trainer asked if I want to go to Muonio with the biathlon Team, just to do my training there, because I wouldn't do any races that winter. So I went to Muonio with the biathletes and of course I tried shooting. We had a lot of fun in the team and I had a lot of fun with shooting. And after this training camp I wanted to face the challenge to try biathlon.

- Of course my ambition is to shoot clear and I have very good shooting results in trainings. Now I have to take it over to the race. I hope I will manage it this season.

- I have no big ambitions for Sochi, but I´d like to be at the Olympics as a biathlete. We will see what comes there.

- For the skiing in Sochi it's maybe an advantage that I was professional cross-country skier, because the tracks in cross-country are mostly harder than the tracks in biathlon.

Photo by foto-deubert.de

- I like hard tracks and Sochi is a really hard track.

- Currently my biggest motivation is the challenge to do biathlon. I have a lot of fun in it and that's the most important.

- It is difficult to think about putting together my own dream relay team, because there are too many athletes I like to have in it.

- I have really great Finnish fans which accompany my career for many many years. I'm very happy and proud to have such fans like them!

- If my fans wanted to make me happy with my favorite food they could prepare me Antipasti and the "Apfelstrudel" of my grandmother. And if is there something special delicious that I could cook for them? You should ask my husband.

 - I like more winter skiing than roller skiing but of course it's a good training in summer.

- Until now I haven't thought about summer biathlon as a part of summer Olympic games, but why not.

- Unfortunately I haven't so much time to play golf since I decided to do biathlon. I'm not the best golfer, but it's fun.

- When my rifle and skii are taking rest I like to spend time with my friends, i like to cook, to do some work in my garden or just to relax.

- We don't have any bets in our team before races.

- I think I will always do some sport in my life, but after I quit with biathlon I won't do any sport at a high level, but only for fun.

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