23. 5. 2013

Behind the track: Barbora Tomešová “I never lose motivation”

Please make some noise...
...for Czech biathlon. Sure you have noticed the big progress in the last season. Lots of great results, lots of tears of joy, lots of experiences at fantastic World Championships in Nove Mesto na Morave. Of course she was there.
Enjoy a little after-season-talk with very nice team member Baru Tomešová. Exclusively for Biathlonum.

- I grew up in a small mountain village where the only leisure activity for children in my age was cross-country skiing. So we spent our free time there. The new director Karel Soukal came to our school then and he brought us to biathlon. From the beginning I used to shoot only once a week just for pleasure and I raced only if there were no ski races. But then I started to love biathlon and it was the number one for me since high school.

- Relay is the race competition I feel strong and comfortable in. My favorite biathlon stadium is in Holmenkollen and
in Nové Město.

- I started with summer biathlon, I participated in World Championships, European Championships and Continental Cups. I liked it, but I think it would take a long time for summer biathlon to get the level of the winter biathlon.
I can't imagine summer biathlon at Summer Olympics, but it would be not bad.

- World Championships in Nove Město na Morave were the most beautiful World Championships, it was the special experience for me. I was proud I was at home and I could race in front of home audience. I was proud of all the people around us that prepared World Championship for us. It was unbelievable and suddenly I was so touched. I like to remember these day so much.

- Sochi 2014 is my dream and goal. It means 4 years hard work for me.

- If I could choose one big triumph, I would like to win Olympic Games.

- It has never happen to me I was losing motivation or the taste for making a sport. I love biathlon.

- There are no many such days that I don´t race or train. But when I am at home I enjoy doing handicraft, I spend my time with my friends and with my dog walking in the nature.

- I like to travel and visit new places but when I come back from training camps, races or at the end of winter I prefer to be at home.

- Most of the time I use to celebrate my successes with my friends with a glass of good wine.

- I have my lucky mexican 5 dollar that waits for me in my room during the race. There are no other talismans or rituals I use before any competitions.

- I am a big fan of biathlon but I think I can't choose my favorite biathlete, the same in other sport disciplines. I like sport and all the people doing it. I admire those who win and also those who try to succeed. 

- If my fan would make me happy by giving me a book it's not difficult to delight me. Practically I like all the book genres. Cookery books, detective books, classic books or travel documentaries...

- Peace and contentment of people around me can make me happiest in my life. And also chocolate icecream (it's a joke)

- Baru is my nickname. It is a short cut of Barbora, I don't like my name very much. But they call me differently, most often Baru, sometimes Barčo, also Bramboro or Bráno.

- I haven't one life dream. I have a vision what I would like to do in my life. But it is a long way to it and I hope I walk in the right direction.

- If biathlon doesn't exist, I hope I would find and do something similarly to this sport. But I am happy that we have it. Biathlon is ok.

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