10. 12. 2012

Behind the track: Agnieszka Cyl "I train with passion"

Strong teammate...  
...and kind person. Imagine you are young and you have trainer with so passion, enthusiasm, empathy, experiences, and rich career. You know, If I was a kid I would be really proud of her. Maybe as proud as now when writing these words.
So I'm proud to present you not only talented biathlete but also the possible trainer of next biathlon talents. Thanks Agnieszka Cyl for this nice exclusive interview.

Sprint, Individual, Pursuit... there are many competitions for biathletes. Do you have a favorite one?
     "All kinds of runs are incredible for me. I love direct competition during pursuit or mass start, amazing speed in sprint and relay and I also appreciate calm and stamina during individual."

So which biathlon success of your career do you appreciate most?
     "The most of all I appreciate 7th place at Olympics in Vancouver, 6th place from sprint at Presque Island. Then 3rd and 4th place from relay that are also important for me."

The new season is underway. Which World Cup place or which World Cup stadium of this season is special for you or is your favorite?
     "Pokljuka is still the best, the most beautiful, my favorite."

Is your family travelling with you during the season? Who is your biggest fan?
     "Unfortunately, only my husband travel with me but when competitions take place in Poland my family and friend try to be with me. My best fans are my husband and my niece Kinga. My family and friends are also my faithful fans, I don’t present all of them because it is too much to write."

You love music... do you listen to the music right before the race just to get to the right mood?
     "Before start, when I am in arena, music is with me very rarely. But in my room I use to listen to the music with volume and style that is harmonized with my mood."

Agnieszka loves working with children and wants to have her own Kindergarten

We remember Olympic Games in Vancouver - especially the closing ceremony - it was one big party with many concerts. How did you enjoy it?
     "Unfortunately, I couldn’t be neither at opening nor closing ceremony."

Is there any show or concert you want to see in your life?
     "This year, I managed to visit two concerts of my best bands: Myslowitz and Happysad. Unfortunately I wasn’t on Muse, I lost the concert in November, but maybe they will be back in Poland during the spring and I’ll be able to participate in their show."

Olympic Games in Sochi. Are you looking forward? What are your ambitions?
     "Sochi is the necessary aim, my work is oriented exactly on Olympics in 2014. As an athlete my ambition is to gain a medal."

Agnieszka with her teammates and friends Monika Hojnisz and Krystyna Palka

What do you think about the idea of Olympic Games 2022 organizing by Poland and Slovakia?
     "I have nothing against this idea. I think Slovakia is able to co-organize Olympics with good standard. Additionally I would be close to watch some competitions."

Another thing you love is sleeping. Have you ever slept for the training?
     "It’s true I love sleeping. I always sleep after training, it’s the best relax for me. I sleep between trainings, at least one hour to 3 hours. I'm trying to sleep as much as my body needs and I'm adjusting sleep time to trainings."

What except biathlon and sleeping is your favorite activity?
     "All kind of physical activity, for example team games or swimming. I like spending time with my friends in mountains, by the sea or just playing cards at the table. Working with children is always pleasure for me, even when I am exhausted." 

Now let's talk about physical activity in the kitchen. Do you cook yourself? What kind of food do you like?
     "In general I like eating, I think it would be easier to say what kind of food I don’t like (smiling). Of course I cook, but not during season preparations. When I am at home training, my husband cooks. He cooks with passion and he wants to be helpful for me when I train. It’s a kind of relax for him and he is much better cooker than me. However he cooks great, I bake cakes better than him."

Few weeks ago Slovak biathlete Pavol Hurajt has opened his own restaurant. Maybe this could be your plan for the future?
     "No, it isn’t my plan. I want to enlarge my family, open my own kindergarten, train and be happy."

Good idea to open a kindergarten - what about training little biathlon talents in the future?
     "I want to be a biathlon trainer."

And do you want your children to be biathletes or any other athletes?
     "If I have children I would want them to be physically fit. I would encourage them with my husband to train some sport. Not necessarily biathlon. I would give them a choice. I won’t persuade them to train biathlon. It should be their own decision what to do in their life. If they would like to train something - they should train with passion as I do."                                              


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