29. 11. 2012

Behind the track: Weronika Nowakowska-Ziemniak “Vancouver was the chance, Sochi is a time for medal”

She earns success after success…
… bronze medal from Universiade 2009, fifth place from Olympic Games 2010, bronze medal from Summer World Championship 2011, Universiade champion in sprint and pursuit from Trentino 2013...
Ok, now you know her achievements, but what about to know her feelings and things she likes.
Meet the very nice girl from Poland Weronika Nowakowska-Ziemniak in this exclusive interview.   

Your 5-th place from individual race in Olympics 2010 was the best result for you and also for your country. How were your feelings after the race?
     "Well, I was very happy and absolutely not disappointed."

It would be great to repeat this success, maybe you want to get higher in Sochi...
     "Yes, Vancouver was the chance but Sochi will be a good time to achieve medal."

Weronica achieved great result in Olympic Games 2010

Is Whistler Olympic Park in Vancouver your favorite stadium thanks to this success? Or is there any other biathlon stadium you like most?
     "Of course I like the stadium in Vancouver but I must say my favorite is Antholz. I like the tracks, shooting range, nice atmosphere and wonderful views. Also weather is usually very nice there."

Who is your usual roommate when you travel for World Cup races?
     "I live with Monika Hojnisz, the youngest from our team and I like it very much."

Tell us about your other favorites. What do you like to do most when you have free time?
     "Usually I don't have a lot of free time, but the most of all I like to spend it with my friends and family. I like also reading books and my biggest hobby is travelling." 

Do you like football? Have you been watching Euro 2012 that Poland co-organized with Ukraine?
     "I don´t like football so much but of course big events like Euro I usually watch."

Where except Duszniki-zdroj can we meet you relaxing and enjoying free days?
     "As I said before I like to travel very much and I just love to discover new wild places. But spending time in my beautiful hometown is also very nice."

Sure you must be very famous in your hometown. What famous person would you like to meet in your life?
     "I would like to meet Dalaylama and talk with him, this is my dream. But generally I like to meet new people, each human is a new story..."

Weronika loves to discover new wild places. In Thailand with her biathlon friends Katja Haller, Dorothea Wierer and Eva Tofalvi

What is your favorite food and drink? 
     "After my last journey to Thailand I like spicy Thai dishes but also Italian kitchen is very tasty for me! And Sushi is also something what I like."

Do you cook yourself? Do you like it?
     "Cooking? I like preparing meals but unfortunately I have not so often an opportunity to do it."

Have you ever been involved or asked for being the face of some brand? Can you imagine of being a model?
     "No I haven´t and honestly I have never thought about it. Probably it's easier than doing biathlon :)"

How do you see your future once after retirement? Will you stay with biathlon or do you have any other plans?
     "I have many plans. I want to have a family-that's for sure and I want to stay connected with sport. Maybe I will be coaching maybe I won’t...we will see what life will bring.

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