28. 5. 2012

The X-files of the last season

"This could be a case for Mulder and Scully…"
...sings the band named Catatonia. Some moments of the last World Cup season really could be kind of cases for them. Strange things have happened and nobody understand it. Maybe the truth is out there. However, let's take a look! 
But hey! Don´t take it too serious :)

15/1/2012 Nove Mesto na Morave
I was there and I must tell you, it was really a strange sunday afternoon. There was two pursuit races of 8th IBU World Cup to go - women 10 km and men 12,5 km. I wished to see a dramatic race, but I would never have thought it would be so mysterious. Especially for the German team.

Mysterious shooting range in Nove Mesto na Morave

At first - Magdalena Neuner. She led after second shooting and she looked so strong and in perfect shape, but...maybe not so concentrated. Or? Was it paranormal phenomenon?
In the third shooting (first standing stage) she unfortunately cross-fired four shots so she hit neighboring targets and lost a chance to win. Everybody was surprised.

Magdalena Neuner after hitting 4 neighboring targets

Second – Arnd Peiffer. Also in the first standing he hit all 5 the target but one of them didn´t close. He had done an extra penalty loop and was given a time adjustment of 21 second moving him into second place with  Martin Fourcade.
(He was third after not knowing about Arnd’s problem, but IBU jury have made fair decision and gave a tie position for them)

Arnd Peiffer and Martin Fourcade finished both second 
because of not closed target

7/2/2012 Kontiolahti
There is something in the finnish air.
Especially before IBU World Cup events in Kontiolahti. This year it was not only very cold weather, but something more.
Many of biathletes had the same problem when they have arrived at Joensuu airport. Lost baggages. Another strange thing that have made them think about it. For example Sarah Studebaker from US team wrote on her facebook fanpage that day:
„Made it to Kontiolahti...with my bag but without my rifle. What's going on

Joensuu airport – the place where many bags were lost

29/2/2012 - 11/3/2012 Ruhpolding
If I will make a race on the Ruhpolding track I will be very carefull. Remember Jean Guillame Beatrix, Evgeny Ustyugov, Zdenek Vitek or Thierry Langer...  
There was something strange on this World Championships. One place with so many falls and slidings in men´s sprint. Even Svetlana Sleptsova have made heavy fall in women´s pursuit and caused the collision with another biathlete. 

                                      Vicious place of World Championships 

Can you imagine, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will come next season to solve all X-files? :)

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