21. 5. 2012

Biathlon and advertising part I.

Biathlon is not tennis. 
Yes, I know it's a simple truth but what I try to say - just imagine biathlon is so popular, imagine that prize-money every single race……
Ok, stop dreaming and let's think about the real possibilities to earn some extra money for the team, new skis maybe etc. So you are lucky if any company choose you for representing their brand, to be the main face of their campaigns. Of course 
it 's not only about a money. You tell yourself - Hmm, I must be really famous, it's a honor and….yes, of course I can have some extra money!!  But also it's a big opportunity to promote yourself as a person and biathlon as a sport as well. 
Sometimes you may discover what could you do when you retire from your career.
Who knows if Magdalena Neuner will continue with modeling. As we remember from the campaign for example for Mey bodywear, she is very beautiful, so it could be possible.  

Magdalena Neuner for Mey bodywear

Magdalena enjoys these moments 
Source: leben.freenet.de

This campaign or this product is not so strongly connected with biathlon. But some companies are choosing biathletes as the face of their campaigns just because they want to promote products that can help improve the performance or make sport more comfortable.
For example Kaisa Mäkäräinen and the advertisement for Maxim recovery drink.

Kaisa Mäkäräinen for Maxim - recovery drink 

Or Raphael Poiree and his wife Liv Grete - you can see them in many spots promoting coffee Alikaffe.

In the other side sponsorship gives you a chance to promote yourself and then of course you help the brand become more popular. Last months Russian biathletes were in the studio in photo shoot for Adidas and their new autograph cards with nice message: We could have done any sport, but we chose biathlon!

Svetlana Sleptsova as a tennis player. 
For autograph cards of the rest of russian biathletes visit http://biathlonrus.com/eng

You can be the face of advertising just to support and develope young people in doing sports in your country. Anastasiya Kuzmina took part in the camapign for Team Slovakia that was focused on raising awareness of national sport representation and supporting young talented athletes. 

Anastasiya Kuzmina for Team Slovakia with message: 
Without support it would be a different story.

What a nice idea to show biathletes as the idols, isn't it?

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