4. 5. 2015

TALK STORY: Luise Kummer „Biathlon is a possibility to make my wishes come true”

Thumbs up for Germany...
It seems we have finally much more reasons for happiness according to German´s women biathlon after retirement of the legendary Lena.
She is truly one of the reasons. With previous two golds and one silver from the Junior World Championships in Presqle Isle she really enjoyed her debut in the World Cup last season standing on the podium twice with other German girls in relay. 
What comes next? Just get to use to see her smiling on the podium.
Introducing the next German talent ready to earn success after success. 
Enjoy the exclusive talk story of Luise Kummer.

- A good friend of mine asked me 12 years ago, if I´d like to join kind of test training for biathlon because we were looking for a sport in our leisure time. It was instantly much fun for us and I am doing biathlon since that moment.

- Biathlon challenges me day by day and pushes me to my limits to be the best kind of person I can be. It is a possibility to make my wishes come true with hard work.

- I trained hard and hoped for great results before travelling to USA for Junior World Championships at Presque Isle, but of course I didn´t expect two gold medals and one silver. I celebrated this success a little bit with my team, but also with my friends and family because these are the people who are always supporting and motivating me.

- I really enjoyed my first World Cup season with standing on the podium twice although each day was like a rollercoaster. I never expected that this season could develop as it did and I was kind of surprised of myself.

- The qualification for the World Championships in Kontiolahti was a big dream of me and I knew before it that my shape is not so good to run the relay although I was part of 2 successful relays in the World cup. I was cheering the girls on the track and was ´hanging at the edge of my seat´. I was so happy about them reaching the medal!

- Each athlete is standing at the start with the dream of winning World Cup title, World Championship races or the Olympic gold. But one of my biggest hopes is to qualify for the next Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.

- There are some days when it´s extremely hard to motivate, though it´s normal! In general I get my motivation because I´ve got a big ambition for reaching my dreams and goals.

- At the moment there is nothing that can influence me so much that I could lose my motivation for biathlon, but I could imagine if there would be for example a bad injury or if more training would be dangerous for my health.

- I can´t decide what I like more if prone or standing, but I prefer track with more straights instead of hills. I like to start very early in the race- you can concentrate just on your race and the chance to be influenced by the results of the other athletes is lower then.

-Talking about liking summer, it depends on the training that we are doing. It´s nice that we train really variable and versatile but it´s also normal that not everything´s fun.

- In my childhood I played flute and trumpet, but now I can´t play it anymore. My other hobbies are for example cooking, knitting and spending time with my family and friends. Of course that’s not enough to be my core business. After my sports career I may like to start studying.

- However I´m really interested in fashion and beauty I can´t say at the moment if I could be face of a fashion brand. I think it would depend on the brand but I never got an offer for something like that.

- I believe that every sportsman has special rituals before the race like testing skis, eating something and concentrate as good as possible.

- I have some idols but not specific ones. But my life motto is - "Give every day the chance to be the best day of your life."

- In my free time I love to brunch or have breakfast comfy and cozy with my family or friends and spending a lot of time outside when the weather is nice.

- Travelling is ok for me however it´s a lot of stress, especially if you are really tired or little bit kind of out of order. Surely I´m always happy to arrive at home after a long time and just come down as well as relaxing for some days.

- I really like Antholz because it´s such a beautiful and idyllic place, but I had been there some years ago before my World Cup races. I also enjoyed Hochfilzen and Nove Mesto na Morave.

- Referring to my sports career, my dream is to start at the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang 2018. Of course my dream for the future is just to be happy and healthy and to found a family some day.

German girls can be really happy after last season.

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