21. 5. 2014

Behind the track: Chardine Sloof "It is always more fun when you made good results"

The last queen of Netherlands...
She was the only female biathlete fighting in the World Cup circuit representing the typical orange color. The only one with two gold medals from Junior World Championships 2012. And recently she is the queen of Sweden after she decided to change biathlon nationality.
Check out this little story talk we made. 
Chardine Sloof exclusively for you.

- I have never regret my decision to be a biathlete in Netherlands. I think biathlon is a lot of fun and I love travelling around the world and meet all kind of different people.
- I wouldn't say athletes gave me "more" respect for representing such exotic biathlon country. But I did get a lot of respect and I appreciated it very much!
- I improved myself for sure in the last season. I made better results than I did before. I had some problems with asthma this year and I have never had it before. I was struggling a lot with that at the same time so I should be happy over all the season.
- I was not very disappointed that I wasn´t in Sochi. Of course I would rather like to be there but I wasn’t because I didn’t make the qualification and I just had to accept that. But I watched almost every biathlon event on TV.

- My mom did speed skating in her younger age and my grand dad was ice speed skating trainer so I tried this sport, but on the old fashion skates. I think this is fun but I can´t imagine myself as a star in this sport.
- Thinking about aims, just go out and find a way to make the training more fun – this can motivate me to get up and do the training.
- I use to celebrate my successes with a cake, otherwise not really anything else. Usually because we have next race soon after.
- Ridnaun and Obertilliach are places that I like a lot. But now I’m racing in the World Cup so I’m not really known with the places. I liked Hochfilzen and Antholz very much. The tracks there are good for me and I made good results there. Then it is always more fun.

- I haven´t any rituals before the races. Every place is different and sometimes you have to walk far to the wax cabin and sometimes not so it wouldn’t be very good for myself to have a ritual.
- I always listen to music when I train alone. When I forget to upload my music player I listen to all types of music. Mostly top 40 hits at that time. That music I also like to dance to.
- My ordinary day when my skis and rifle are taking rest could be like a long day doing nothing, or shopping or just have a fun day with friends or traveling and have a nice vacation.

- I love fashion and I could see my self as a face of some brand but I’m not sure if it would be underwear. I would like to keep that question open.
- My biggest weaknesses are chocolate, also Coca-Cola and a good song.
- I dream about going to the Olympics. And after sport I would like to live an other life (I have no idea how that is going to look like) then start a family and live the mother life.

Chardine after graduating in Sweden

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