26. 1. 2013

Behind the track: Daria Yurlova “Each race is an experience”

…you are standing by the track. A girl wearing the white and blue race suit with the rifle on her back is getting closer and closer. You recognize her. The young and talented biathlete from Estonia. Dasha Yurlova. Now you can see the power in her moves, the courage in her eyes. You know her story because you read this exclusive little talk we made.

- My grandma and grandpa were doing ski racing. When my uncle and my mom were young, they enjoyed skiing too, but not professionally. One day my cousin (not Ekaterina Yurlova, we aren’t relatives :) went to biathlon and when I saw her skiing, I really wanted to do it too. I still remember the day when I was 8 years old and my mom came and told me that I will also do biathlon. I was very happy because we had great team and because it was very interesting to do this sport. I improved very rapidly and at age 11 I was ready to compete...

- Sprint, Individual, relay... I like all the races. Every start is an experience for me.

- I don’t have an idol. Even when I started my sport career I didn’t watch biathlon on TV. But now I am a big fan of biathlon and there are people for whom I am very glad, when they go up on the podium – for example Olga Zaitseva or Teja Gregorin. But I also like when some young and unknow biathletes have good results and also go up on the podium just as Gabriela Soukalova or Miri Gössner did this season. I really like and respect that.  

- It´s complicated to think about composing my own dream relay team. I am still patriot and I want to compete only with my team. But may be it would be interesting to do mix relay with the biathlete, wax-man, coach or something like that.

- Above all, I hope I will go to Olympic Games in Sochi 2014. But I think the Olympic Games will not be the most important for me. I'm fairly young and not experienced, but I'll try to make the best for a good result.

- Each start motivates me. Every year I see that the leadership gap is shrinking and it motivates me more.

Dasha with her friends and teammates Grete Gaim, Kristel Viigipuu and Johanna Talihärm

- I like summer biathlon on roller skis, especially if it is necessary for training. Maybe one day we recognize summer biathlon as a part of Summer Olympic Games so we could be the athletes that participated in both Olympics, but I prefer the winter view of biathlon.

- If I could win the big event, for a start I would like to win the World Cup. Then the World Championships and then the Olympic Games. But seriously, I think it doesn’t matter what kind of medal I would win for Estonia, any medal matters.

- In this year my hometown Otepää hosted IBU Cup that was successful. There are also planned the Junior Championships and the World Cup. I think that Estonia is able to host such major events. And I hope it will soon happen. 

- I definitely know that there are Estonian fans during the races of the World Cup that cheering me onBut I can’t see everyone’s face. It's very nice when somebody is screaming at the track. 

- I can’t say who is my biggest fanBut you know - the family still worries about me the most. Sometimes it happens that my friends become fans, and fans sometimes become friends. 

- From the biathlon places I like Bavaria most – Antholz, Obertilliach, Hochfilzen. I like the mountains. There is often beautiful weather especially in Antholz - Anterselva.

- During my relax days if I'm at home, I must spend my time with my friends. At the training camp we either do shopping, or meet with other biathletes, do some own affairs in our rooms, playing cards or anything else.

- If biathlon doesn´t exist I think I would start to do sports in the gym. I used to play volleyball and basketball for the school. But I also like tennis so this is the second option. 

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